Sales Outsourcing

SalesOutsourcingOur sales outsourcing service is a way for companies to grow sales for their products or services by using a highly skilled sales team. Recruiting, hiring and training a new sales person can be very expensive. Additionally, it takes an average of 6.2 months for a new sales employee to hit “break-even” and another 3-6 months to begin to generate revenue. With RAYN, guaranteed profitability starts day one!


RAYN provides the complete sales process from lead generation to client acquisition and account management. For our small business clients, our sales outsourcing is the most cost effective method for client acquisition. Best of all, we guarantee our results—NO employee can do that! There is literally nothing to lose.


RAYN is a fresh, energetic sales company. We've developed an efficient approach to sales and marketing that WILL grow your business. RAYN plans, develops and implements a sales process that can be used in ANY industry.


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