recruitmentRAYN successfully works with System Integrators and Automation Engineering firms that are CSIA member companies to find employees that are the right fit. We recognize the shift that has occurred in today's workforce and we believe it is our duty to find the absolute best fit for the companies we support.


Our recruitment is specifically tailored for Systems Integrators and Automation Engineering firms and we enjoy making professional matches that will have a long-lasting, positive impact on company growth. Our depth of experience in this industry makes us uniquely poised to find great employees for the demands of the industry.


RAYN can fill any position from technician to executive level. We know the industry and we know how to find the skills you need. Whether you’re looking to hire for a direct or contract position, we deliver recruiting solutions that help you staff your team with talent.


“RAYN is not your typical professional recruiter.  They focus on experienced people looking for a career change instead of the usual job shoppers jumping from company to company every two years. RAYN is actually cultivating a match for both the employee and the company, not just a placement fee.” - Jim Bercik, MR Systems


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