Development for Nonprofits: Yes, We Do That!

RAYN Business Development
Wednesday Oct 29th, 2014


Business Development and Development for nonprofits have a lot in common, so when RAYN was tasked with helping grow fundraising prospects for a local nonprofit, RAYN simply said, “yes”.  Applying our “militant diligence” and coupling that with really understanding the mission critical points for this particular organization, RAYN has been able to make a huge impact while being cost-effective which is key for nonprofits on a tight budget.


All nonprofits look for original and unique ways to reach new potential donors as well as continue to have a conversation with their loyal donor base. Using traditional sales methods and coupling them with new, inventive ways to communicate with various publics, fundraising and new donor cultivation is on the rise. With the help of RAYN, this local nonprofit has not only increased donations (to the tune of 600% this year versus last for one particular fundraiser) but they have also added 700 NEW families to be cultivated over time. Additionally, RAYN helped create a micro-philanthropy fundraising model that is currently being tested with local colleges and Universities and is showing signs of early success.


Additionally, RAYN staff members have been available to help train and consult with the staff so that in the future, the organization will be equipped with the tools they need to continue to grow.


We are proud of the work we are doing with this organization and look forward to adding many new nonprofit clients in the future.


Go Do!