The sales diagnostic

Wednesday Oct 2nd, 2013

So you have had a good prospecting call, booked an appointment with the decision makers and sat down with them at their location for 1hour – now what

Sales Diagnostic:


  • Organize thoughts from the meeting
  • Are they requesting a proposal
  • What is the budget
  • Who are we competing against


  • What is the business problem they are trying to solve
  • What have you challenged them with
  • What personal connection was made if any
  • How do the decision making dynamics work


  • How do you move them to the next level
  • How do you move them on budget
  • What proof can you offer that what you do/make is for them


  • Did/do they perceive you as experts
  • Who do you know that can influence
  • What will shock them into buying
  • References? Testimonials?
  • Unique connections?
  • How propose to get attention?

Can you answer each of these questions? Depending on how much you know or can anticipate will provide you the straightest line to get the sale. In addition:

How do you score on:

  • Cost vs Budget
  • Personal Relationship
  • Experience in industry
  • Against the competition (in the clients eyes)

Go Do!
-Chris Rudd, CEO RAYN Business Development