Web Design and Illustrator Studio: We’re Makin’ it RAYN up in Here

Friday May 30th, 2014

Over a year ago, RAYN Business Development met with a two person web design and illustrator studio, located in Buffalo, NY.  The two young entrepreneurs realized they did not have the sales skills necessary for the growth they desired. However they did have awesome talents for designing websites that capture the style and imagination of companies and equal talent for illustrating books and logos representing ideas and bringing them to life.  They wanted to grow but didn’t know how to begin to do it.


 “Their first goal was to in a year be able to hire an employee so one of them could focus on growth”, remembers Raynmaker David Ruler.  “By Oct 2013, only five months into working with RAYN, they had generated enough business to hire their first person. Their goal was realized and the results had exceeded expectations”.  RAYN’s efforts in positioning the small company in the market the right way saw an immediate growth in sales and made it necessary for them to hire their second employee only three months later.  In March of this year, a third was hired to join their team. 


“By the end of the first quarter of 2014, they had exceeded their sales in all of 2013”, continued Ruler.  “By moving them from servicing smaller companies, to some major ones, it doubled their average sale”. Consumer products, the printing industry, real estate, and construction to name just a few, are they types of industries in their sales funnel today.  The future looks bright for the young company as they continue to utilize RAYN for their business development efforts.