SEO and Paid Search Seminar at Penn State, Dubois

Monday Mar 31st, 2014

Rayn Business Development’s, founder and CEO, Chris Rudd, took a trip into Dubois, PA to helm the eMarketing Learning center’s, Paid Search and and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seminar. Attendance and interest were high as Chris led representatives of a vast swath of business sectors, through the ins and out making their organizations stand out, when their services are being googled, binged, searched or sought on the web.


Some attended for the sake of their own business, others were there to bring new ideas to new projects. The mix of nonprofits, international building supply distributors, technology startups, even an elk farm, made for lively conversation and a broader understanding of how SEO and paid search campaigns like Google Adwords can be applied by anyone who is seeking to increase business, interest or web traffic.


Chris offered the unique opportunity SEO and paid search from someone with years of sales and marketing experience. Attendees expressed their relief when they found technical jargon and coding language absent from what is already a frustrating topic for the technologically uninitiated.


Rayn would like to thank the EMarketing Learning Center, Penn State Dubois and all who attended the seminar. It was as much a learning experience for us as it was for you and we hope that you are all using the information that we passed on to find massive success.


If not, as we say here at Rayn Business Development, Go Do.


We are always willing to take on your SEO and paid search campaigns here at Rayn Business Development.