Mission Accomplished

RAYN Admin
Tuesday Feb 9th, 2016


13 months ago, RAYN began a contract with a growing online business out of New York City. Architizer, is an online destination for architects to find projects and building products. As a start up, they needed a sales process and a well-trained sales force to grow and receive the venture capital funding needed to compete in today’s competitive landscape. RAYN worked diligently to train Architizer’s young staff using the sales processes that our own sales people use every day across multiple industries. The goal was to build a solid foundation and a strong sales force in their office at the completion of the contract and we are proud to announce that our mission was completed successfully.

After a record breaking year, Architizer has received seven-million dollars in VC funding and is well on their way to becoming the premier source for architects to find projects and building products. We have had a blast working with the entire team at Architizer and can’t wait to watch them catapult to the top of the industry. RAYN will continue to provide ongoing support and training as the firm grows.