Sales Today: Has it Really Changed?

RAYN Business Development
Monday Feb 9th, 2015


Recently, Chris Rudd CEO and owner of RAYN Business Development sat down to discuss today’s sales methods and how the business world today fits in with the age old sales principles that have been used for years. “The fundamentals of sales haven’t changed. It is being able to apply the fundamentals to the right person at the right time. That’s what can be tricky”. Getting to the right person is important because time today is such a precious resource for the one you are calling or trying to get in front of, and for you as an individual. The ability to get your message to the right individual at the right time, when they are willing to listen is what makes for a successful sales venture.


Chris continued, “Communication today has been splintered. Everyone likes to receive information in a different way, and they all have the ability to receive it the way they want to. The problem on the sales side is that we don’t know how they want to receive the information we have. The fundamental sales messages haven’t changed; we have something of value for you, we want to show it to you, or tell you about it, or offer it to you. Today, sales people have to try the different ways available to convey their message; leverage social media, use email, use voicemail, use direct mail, and potentially do a stop by or a visit, in order to hopefully capture their prospects attention”. 


Of course, all this effort hinges on finding the right contact person to begin with. Imagine if you will, you do all the right things in the process so far. You make the call, leave a voice mail, send an email but then discover you have been courting the wrong person all along. This is why it’s very important to confirm that you are speaking to the right person as early in the process as possible.


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